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Welcome to Frank Corrente Cadillac Corner

At FRANK CORRENTE’S CADILLAC CORNER we bring you over 35 years of experience in the auto business. We have one of the finest collection of vintage Cadillacs and other higher end vintage vehicles to be found anywhere in the U.S.

Gleaming chrome and polished sharkfins...that's the treasure at Frank Corrente's Cadillac Corner. Classic Caddy's abound in the Cadillac Corner's 100+ Cadillac inventory, from vintage 1941 Convertibles to the Eldorado's of the 70's, plus Rolls Royces and other luxurious and exotic automobiles.

In Japan and need a '58 limousine? Want a '66 convertible in Belgium? How about a '59 limousine to Sydney, or a '47 Caddy to Rome? No problem.
The Cadillac Corner has shipped Caddy's to buyers all over the world.

For information on your favorite Classic Caddy, enjoy our Web site, and give Frank a call at the Cadillac Corner.

Sports Illustrated Yessica Tonscanini at Corrente Cadillac